1994 – League Cup Final: Aston Villa 3 – 1 Manchester United…

After beating the mighty United, I thought I would be living it up supporting the Villains. However, you know things have taken a turn for the worse when you celebrate winning the Peace Cup 15 years later.

As a rare Irish Villa Fan, this blog is how I see things from across the water.

By the way: the nickname is Scone – hence the “Ascone Villa”


2 responses to “About

  1. Brian

    Hi Conán,
    Brian here, just wondering why there isn’t a section on this site for marl?

  2. Pat

    Hi, I am in the process of creating a feed of all the Villa blogs I can find in the world, so Villa fans can check out all the posts from every Villa site in the one place, and have already got quite a few blogs on board.

    I have now finished setting it up and aim to have it totally live for the new season. I have been working on it for a while now, but think I have finally got it sorted. It is not a list of blogs but a feed of all the various posts on each blog. I am going to contact every Villa blog I can find to ask for permission to add them as well.

    All it will have is a couple of lines of your post, and the headline will go straight to your website, so each post will link directly to you. You will also have a link to your home page on the contributors blogroll.

    So even if the site doesn’t take off you will gain literally hundreds of backlinks to your site.

    If you like the idea then please email me the url of the best “feed” from your site that I can use and I will add you immediately.

    All I ask in return is a simple text link to “Just Aston Villa Blogs” somewhere on your homepage (on your blogroll?). You can have a look at the site here: http://justastonvillablogs.com/.

    I am still playing about with colours and stuff, but I am mostly happy with the design so far, and I am keen to get some feedback from people like you. What do you think?


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